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Start Your Own Appliance Repair Business

Raker Appliance Repair Workshop

Hands-On Seminars

What To Expect

You will receive very personalized instruction from the experts.

As each workshop progresses, there is ample opportunity for you to ask questions on any topic of interest, whether it be technical or business.

Access to my Nephew Club is provided to those students attending the workshop. This will provide you with online access to all my videos and course manuals on your own computer at any time. You will have all the knowledge necessary to guarantee your successful start-up in this lucrative field. Full access to hundreds of factory service manuals is also included.

Time will be spent developing your own marketing and business plan.

Each day snacks, breaks and lunches will be provided. In the past we have been able to arrange cheap or free airport pickups.

You will be expected to disassemble all sorts of appliances during the class. If possible, bring your own hand tools and meter. If that is too difficult, tools will be made available. As an added bonus, all registrants will learn to use our new Diagnostic Tool, The Appliance Wizard .

Fellow participants will be a great resource. After all, they are facing the same challenges you are. Their background will very from the novice to the skilled honing his skills.